vanilla orange night serum
vanilla orange night serum side
vanilla orange night serum side
vanilla orange night serum side
Nikua Skin

Vanilla Orange Night Serum for Anti Aging Treatment

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  • AWAKEN to hydrated skin

  • RESTORE skin health while you sleep

  • REDUCE the appearance of wrinkles

  • NOURISHING plant extracts

  • PACKED with antioxidants

Vanilla Orange Night Serum provides a natural therapeutic solution to reverse visible signs of photo-aging.  The combination of plant-based antioxidants and Retinyl Palmitate help the body to naturally restructure and renew healthy skin and promote a rosy glow. You will notice the difference in this serum on first use.  Continued use leads to steady improvement toward smooth, radiant, and firm skin.   

Vanilla Orange Night Serum comes in an innovative 1.0 fl. oz. airless pump with outer cap to preserve product freshness.

Use instructions:  Apply a small amount nightly to clean skin.

Ingredients include: Tamanu oil, Coenzyme Q10, Ceramides, Green Tea Extract, Rooibos Red Tea Extract, Crocus Bulb extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Silk Peptides, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Gotu Kola Extract, Retinyl Palmitate, Organic Blueberry Extract, and Vanilla Orange Essential Oil.

Sun exposure and air pollution lead to premature aging of the skin making it thinner, dryer, less elastic, with visible wrinkles, increased fragility of the skin, a decrease in dermal thickness, degeneration of collagen and deposition of abnormal elastic material, reflected by wrinkles, furrows, and sallow discoloration of the skin. 

Highly effective nourishing, functional natural topical ingredients include Vitamin A compounds which stimulate your body’s own repair mechanisms, improving epidermal turnover to halt premature aging of skin and visibly reverse the appearance of wrinkles.  Vitamin A compounds including retinyl palmitate encourage the repair of photodamaged skin via epidermal thickening, tightening of the outermost stratum corneum, and deposition of new extracellular connective tissue to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sallowness and hyperpigmentation, while delivering improvements to skin smoothness and acne.    

Topical antioxidant ingredients are an established standard of care to mitigate the effects of Reactive Oxygen Species - ROS and contribute to reducing the aging effects of UV exposure from sunlight and strong indoor light.  The combination of Vitamin C and natural plant-based polyphenol antioxidant ingredients delivers superior anti-aging results.  A variety of natural antioxidant compounds in Vanilla Orange Night Serum delivers a safe and effective response to ROS and are highly beneficial to skin health.  Green Tea Extract, Rosehip Oil, Calendula Extract, Coenzyme Q10, Cranberry - Raspberry - and Blueberry extracts are traditionally used to soothe skin irritation while delivering antioxidant skin health benefits.  Above all, Tamanu Oil is remarkable in over 3,000 years of historical use to alleviate the damaging effects of sun exposure and burns. 

At the beginning of your use of Vanilla Orange Night Serum containing retinyl palmitate, increased photosensitization is expected.  Early on, we advise you to avoid excessive sun exposure and take precautionary measures for sun protection, like using Sun-Protective Sweet Orange Facial Serum during daytime.  After a few months of regular use your response to UV radiation is expected to return to normal. 

Retinoid compounds stronger than retinyl palmitate have been reported to cause irritation when applied close to the eye.  We manage potential irritation with soothing plant extracts including raspberry and blueberry extracts, shown to reduce irritation from stronger retinoid compounds.  We advise caution and limited use on the tender skin close to your eyes.  It is prudent for women of childbearing age to avoid pregnancy during use of topical retinoids or to discontinue use. 

Nikua Skin's Skin Cell Renewal collection covers three basics of facial skin care; cleanse, tone, and moisturize, all working together to provide visible improvement in skin smoothness, reduction in blemishes, more even skin tone, and improved skin brightness after one month of regular use.  Other products in the Skin Cell Renewal collection are Energizing Skin Firming Toner, Firming Tangerine Micro-Dermabrasion Scrub, and Sun-Protective Sweet Orange Facial Serum.

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