Rose - The Beautifying Plant

long stem rose

At Nikua Skin, our connection with traditional plant-based medicine and fragrance stems from our love of natural beauty.  Born in the City of Roses, we integrate modern skin care science with ancient healing knowledge.  Nikua Skin products are highly effective because they promote skin health, to help you feel more alive, and beautiful.

We have learned from ancient healing traditions and today integrate modern skin care science into affordable products that promote your well-being.  Our understanding started with roses.

English castles had still-rooms where the ladies distilled floral and herbal waters.  Rose, lavender, and violet were favorite flowers to use for salves, lotions and medicinal potions.

The apothecary rose, Rosa Gallica has been used for centuries by doctors to help cure illness.  Because many of their patients could not read, they painted a red rose on signs outside of their shop to show that they were in the business of healing and medicine.

In ancient times, perfumes were precious, mystical, and magical.  Used for worship, aphrodisiacs and healing, the ancient Persian pharmacopoeia listed perfumed treatments for healing.  The Chinese said, “Every perfume is a medicine”.

In aromatherapy, rose is the premier essential oil for opening the heart chakra. It is harmonizing, balancing, helps soothe anger, fear & anxiety, and restores confidence.

The benefits of rosehip essential oil come to you in Sun Protective Facial Serum, Rejuvenating Lavender Healing Ointment, and Cooling Peppermint Foot Repair Stick because its skin soothing and nourishing qualities make it ideal for dry, sensitive, damaged, and mature skin.