Exposure to sun, weather, and toxins can leave your skin not only dry but also discolored.  The discoloration may appear as darkened patches on the skin.  Disease, injury, and pregnancy can also cause blemishes.  Some dark spots occur with age.  Scarring from injury or skin disease can also cause skin to become overly pigmented.  Pigmentation happens in the cells where melanin is produced.  Genetics determines your natural skin tone, yet other factors (as mentioned above) can cause melanin to be over produced, leading to some skin cells being darker than others.  The cycle of damage and darkening continues to worsen until it is stopped.  Beauty Leaf has researched and resourced natural ingredients that interrupt the melanin production at the cellular level safely.  Some products on the market today that offer “skin lightening” are harmful and cancer causing.  The ingredients we have sourced are plant-based and have no side effects.  We can help restore your skin tone to its original radiance, even out color to remove patches and spots, and restore your intended beauty.  See our blogpost on Skin Radiance Serum – Reduces Blemishes for more information.